EXINE is a premier provider of construction, maintenance, turnarounds, fabrication, and disaster recovery.

Since our founding nearly 40 years ago, our focus on building long-term relationships with our customers has helped us become one of the most trusted providers of project services. We serve clients in the industrial and manufacturing markets as well as governmental agencies. EXINE’s range of services offers clients turnkey solutions to maximize value. Our vertically integrated services are designed to help clients solve the most difficult challenges. Our experienced project management team strives to exceed expectations with innovative and practical solutions. We are consistently recognized for our exemplary safety record, the incomparable quality of our work, and our consistent reliability.

Our professional team of highly trained employees allows us to maximize our safety performance, enhance productivity, and reduce cost. Safety is ingrained in EXINE’s culture, as we strive to maintain the most impressive safety record in the industry. We exceed client expectations by utilizing a highly trained workforce, new software technology, innovative systems and practical solutions to complete projects on time, within budget and with no recordable incidents.

Safety First, Always

EXINE’s success is built on a steadfast foundation of safety. We believe that all accidents and injuries are preventable, and no aspect of our business is more important than safety. Our Empowerment for Safety program promotes individual responsibility and accountability by providing employees with the full authority to stop any work activity that represents a potential danger to the working crew or the public. All of our employees carry an Empowerment for Safety card, which states our safety policy and serves as a reminder of their role in our safety program. We consistently reinforce our principles with safety education, training, and recognition for achievement at all levels of our organization.

Operating Safety Committees

EXINE has an operating safety committee (OSC) for both the construction and maintenance groups. Each OSC meets on a monthly basis to identify and address safety and health related issues. The committees are made up of representatives from each department and site, and across all levels of the company. Through discussion, the committees review and recommend solutions that can improve the working environment of all employees. The committees also serve as a conduit for the communication of safety information and innovation between members of the organization by:

  • Raising awareness of existing unsafe actions or conditions
  • Seeking opportunities for improvement in the safety process
  • Providing safety leadership that contributes to a dynamic safety culture


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Safety Awards

Our safety program has received recognition as one of the best in the industry.
  • National Safety Council Fleet Safety Award
  • AHC National Safety Excellence Award
  • AHC National Safety Merit Award
  • AHC Platinum STEP Award
  • AHC Gold STEP Award
  • GBRIA Contractor Safety Award
  • AHC Diamond STEP Award